Orchid: Plant of the Month


Common name: Trim Greenhood Orchid
Botanical name: Pterostylis concinna
Family: Orchidaceae

Orchid Pterostylis: From the Greek words pteron and stylos meaning winged style, referring to the winged column of the flower.

concinna: From Latin, meaning trim or neat, referring to the plant‘shabit.

Usually grows


on mossy rocks and in damp leaf litter in dense colonies. Pollinated by insects, usually flies or fungus gnats, which are attracted to a nectar gland at the base of the flower. Insects become trapped inside the flower by the hood. They can escape, but being trapped ensures that they become covered in pollen.

These plants may be killed out if there are frequent fires.
Habitat: Sclerophyll forests and coastal scrub.
Soils: Moist.
Habit: Perennial herb, flowering stem 10 – 30cm tall.
Leaves: Between 4 and 6 leaves in a basal rosette.
Flowers: Singular, translucent with green stripes and red markings around the mouth.
Flowering time: May to September.
Range: NSW south of Mudgee, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

There is a colony in Baulkham Hills, in Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest amongst damp leaves.


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