Staff at the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Centre at Glossodia have their arms full of furry bundles of joy this New Year with yet more on the way.

The adorable Calvin and Cosmo, featured on our front page, were photographed by Kristie Lee from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

Their mum, Suzanne, had six C litter puppies which means they were all given names beginning with the letter “C”.

The brothers, who were born on December 5, are two of 53 Guide Dog puppies born at the centre in the past six weeks.

The centre was expecting it’s first litter for 2019 yesterday (Thursday) and there are five other expectant mums in the wings. 

It all means that in the next few months Guide Dogs NSW/ACT will be looking for about 50 puppy raising homes. 

Approved volunteers will get a free adorable puppy for a year that they will look after before it starts it’s Guide Dog training.

Puppy raisers teach the puppies basic obedience and social skills and introduce them to the sights, sounds and smells they are likely to encounter as a working Guide Dog. 

If you want to know more about becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser you will find an application form on the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT website  

It costs $50,000 and takes over two years to breed, raise and train one Guide Dog.

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