Local Historian and Journalist Thomas Davies Little

On Wednesday 23 August 1923, The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate announced the death of Journalist, local historian and One-time Athlete Mr Thomas Davies Little.

His name may not be recognisable but his legacy is well used by Local and Family Historians in the Western suburbs of Sydney and has been for many years particularly since its digitisation by the National Library’s Trove site.

He was born in 1853 at the old mill, which stood in the vicinity of Queen’s wharf just below the Gasworks Bridge and currently the subject of an archaeological dig. His home, Pine Ridge, was in Alice Street Harris Park.

The Argus itself describes him “As a citizen his help and energies were always concentrated upon the betterment of his beloved town and district and it can be truthful said that few men have attained his altitude in the performance of multifarious public duties.

There was scarcely and institution or an association to which he did not belong and to all he gave the assistance of his great perception and experience.” This can be recognised by the beautifully written and decorated Illuminated Addresses produced under his hand and by the number of people who attended his funeral. I would say that Parramatta was closed for the day.

Source: The Hills District Historical Society

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