Hot Tips For Solar

Solar power is a topic right now, even leading into winter.

For many people, choosing solar can be confusing … how do you know if what you’re getting is what you want or even more importantly what you need? What are the best brands and who do you trust?

Skyline Solar has been installing solar power since 2010.

Director Luke Spicer says clients have a lot of questions that need answering.

“I started on the roof installing the systems for other companies so I’ve seen the best and worst the industry has to offer which led me to starting up our retail side of the business and focus on quality components for our clients.

“I won’t lie and say that every product we chose was a winner, we had some learning curves which led some of our clients to getting upgrades along the way which obviously kept them happy and their investment a sound one since we focus greatly on consumer law and protecting our clients to the best we can.

“We have showroom you can visit in Vineyard (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm) where you can get detailed information on which system size will be suitable for your home.

“You can get realistic performance and financial savings expectations through our latest satellite imagery and solar design program.

“We can show you real life situations with our live streaming data from clients’ homes showing you what you can expect from the system and the monitoring capabilities they come with.”

He said for customers who fear “It’s all a bit high tech” the company has an in-house tech advisor to solve 99% of issues with over-the-phone instructions.

“Our most common issues are things like new modem swaps and communications that need to be reset…this can be achieved with a simple phone call.”

He said when dealing with companies there are basic questions that should be asked:

• Will the Qualified licensed and accredited Tradesman be on site for the installation?

• Do you have dedicated staff for trouble shooting future issues?

• Have you been in business installing solar for over 5yrs?

• Are they an APPROVED solar retailer?

“If installing the Batteries make sure the tradesman holds the required Battery Endorsement associated with his solar Accreditation. A battery cannot be installed by an accredited solar installer alone, they must have the endorsements.”

For more information visit the Skyline Solar showroom in 317 Windsor Rd,Vineyard and find out how solar can help your home or business. or call 1300 759 765

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