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Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands will be operating throughout the Christmas Period

Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands has announced it will be operating throughout the Christmas and New Year Holiday period.  They will continue their regular services.

As the Hawkesbury Community kitchen is now closed for a month, Hawkesbury Helping Hands will pick up more meal services during the week.

With most food relief charities closed over the holiday period, Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands will open for more hamper days.

They are open next Saturday the 24th but please keep in mind that they have a community meal that night, and are also organising and setting up the free Christmas Day lunch on the 25th.  This means they might close earlier than usual.
Their team are becoming tired, as they have been non stop since the fires and they haven’t shut their doors for even a week.  Hawkesbury Helping Hands are looking to close for the first 2 weeks in February.  This is when most other charities have reopened.
In regards to additional hamper days over the next few weeks, please keep on eye on their facebook page, as sometimes they might get a delivery and they don’t know until the night before and will open last minute.  But they will let the community know as soon as they know.
We would like to say a big Thank You to all the services and help they offer the community.  Well done guys!
Hawkesburys Helping Hands Hawkesbury'S Helping Hands Will Be Operating Throughout The Christmas Period

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