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Hawkesbury Police Area Command: Operation SIDESTEP


Hawkesbury Police Area Command Operation Sidestep

On Thursday, June 27th, 2024, Hawkesbury Police Area Command ran Operation SIDESTEP. This operation focused on preventing, disrupting, and responding to retail theft, street offences, antisocial behaviour, and road safety within the Hawkesbury area.

Police were assisted by Loss Prevention Officers from major retail stores.

The operation was successful with the following results:

  • 6x shoplifting criminal infringement notices
  • 2x youth warnings (shoplifting)
  • 1x youth caution (shoplifting)
  • 1x warrant offender
  • 16x bail compliance checks
  • 11x ADVO compliance checks
  • 14x people searched
  • 2x vehicles searched
  • 1x drug detection
  • 3x move-on directions
  • 317x random breath tests (1 X PCA offence)
  • 82x random drug tests
  • 33x traffic infringement notices
  • 4x parking infringement notices
  • 1x traffic charge
  • 4x safe storage firearm inspections
  • 1x business inspection


A Loss Prevention Officer was assaulted by a female at Woolworths, Richmond. The female has been identified and is to be arrested for assault, shoplifting and trespass.

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