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Bill 103 Years Young

There were 103 years to mark when family and friends gathered to celebrate Bill Pierce of Galston’s birthday on 23rd June.

The World War 2 veteran has been a cherished part of the RSL LifeCare Rowland Village community for over three decades. Fellow resident Ann Lomas wrote the following.

“Celebrations were very festive with 11 members of his extended family, for lunch at the Galston Club.

Bill attended various schools including Sydney Grammar. At 17 he began working for the Sydney Commonwealth Bank following his father.

In 1938 Bill joined the Infantry Scottish Battalion based in Willoughby. In 1939 when war broke out, he was called up and joined the Air Force, he was only 18.

We salute you, Bill and your 103 years!

Bill Pierce 103Rd Birthday Bill 103 Years YoungBill trained in various places with Tiger Moths (single engine planes) and Ansons (twin engine planes). He became proficient as a wireless operator and was promoted to Sergeant.

He sailed to England and was assigned to the Permanent English Airforce Bomber Command, 7th Squadron. They flew raids over Germany in Lancaster Bombers.

Bill returned home in 1945 where he returned to the Commonwealth Bank and met his future wife, Elaine. They married in 1955 and had 2 daughters Jennie and Sue. Bill worked as a Bank Manager retiring at age 60 in 1981.

In 1992, 32 years ago, Bill and Elaine came to live in RSL LifeCare Rowland Village. All the residents were ex-service personnel and their spouses. Bill has reminisced about the wonderful spirit of camaraderie and the welcome and help given to each new resident.

Bill enjoyed playing golf on the 3-hole course (now 9 holes) and playing billiards with his old friend and fellow World War 11 veteran, the late Alan Buxton.

Celebrating your 103rd Birthday is quite an achievement! Bill, your longevity must be credited to your constitution and your spirit and in no small part to the loving care of your two daughters who on the death of their mother 17 years ago, began and have continued bringing home cooked main meals that you simply have to heat and eat!

Thank you, Bill for being such a fine neighbour, friend, resident, veteran and example of strength and perseverance. We thank you for your care, courtesy, humour and honesty.

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