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God, The Meaning Of Life and Barbie!

Murray Lambert – Pastor at The Centre Dural

Creation Of Adam God, The Meaning Of Life And Barbie!

I finally got around to watching the film “Barbie” and was amazed at what it had to say about relationship, identity, and God.

In “Barbie”, life exists in two parallel universes; “Barbieland” – a harmonious, hyper-girlie, Edenic paradise And the real world – full of racism, sexism, corporate greed, and the general degradation of all humanity.

Barbie needs to leave paradise and learn how to move through the imperfect world as a human woman. But she can only achieve this by meeting Ruth Handler; the creator of Barbie. Both times that they meet, Ruth takes Barbie’s hands, framed in a way that evokes Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam – coincidence? NO!

Greta Gerwig who wrote and directed the film highlighted this directive choice in a recent interview.

Barbie Hands God, The Meaning Of Life And Barbie!It is only once Barbie has met her creator that she discovers her identity, purpose, and value. “Barbie” explores humanity’s deep yearning to come back into relationship with their creator so that they can discover their fully realised selves and flourish amidst a broken world.

Would you like to know more about how a relationship with your Creator can provide these things?

Why don’t you join us this Sunday at 10am at The Centre – 1 Pellitt Lane, Dural. Or email me at [email protected]

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