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At Fit Kidz Learning Centres our philosophy identifies a commitment to providing the highest quality care and education. This is reflected in their school readiness program: “Be School Ready”.

Be School Ready is our exclusive school readiness program devised by qualified teachers in consultation with the NSW school syllabus. Fit Kidz Be School Ready 2 Be Big School Ready“Be School Ready operates on the philosophy that constant exposure in a stimulating environment is the best way pre-school children learn.

We offer a comprehensive program that covers all areas of development with adequate time and support for each child to learn” says Melissa Scaife, who is a qualified early childhood educator herself with over 25 years’ experience.

The Educators at Fit Kidz Learning Centres goal is to support every child to reach their individual potential and be prepared and confident making the transition into “big” school. Nurturing Emotional Fitness In Children For Early Learning“We work very hard on basic foundational skills to help children prepare for school, understanding that each child develops at their own pace and extra support is given to children who may struggle with these skills. Some of the areas we focus on are attention and concentration, receptive and expressive language or the understanding and using of language, play skills, self-regulation, executive functioning and planning and sequencing”. Says, Melissa.

It is very important to Fit Kidz Learning Centres to help prepare children for school.

“Ensuring our children are prepared and excited about learning and their transition to school is my goal for every preschooler. We can only achieve this with exceptional Educators creating exciting learning opportunities and forming great relationships with each child in our centres. We are fortunate to have a team with the same goals for children”. Melissa states.

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