Not everyone feels at ease in a medical centre or in a dentist’s chair which is why North West Disability Services has started an innovative introduction for its clients.

Staff at NWDS have partnered with Castle Hill Medical Centre to set up the project which aims to help participants become more familiar and less stressed when undertaking medical and dental care.

Western Sydney University 3rd Year Medical students have been working with NWDS participants to improve their understanding of the procedures involved.

NWDS assistant co-ordinator Julia Golafshan said: “Castle Medical Centre has been kind enough to offer their medical centre as a facility where our participants are able to make medical appointments and work through the different steps in a formal setting.”

She said the feedback from carers had been very positive. So far 13 participants have completed their Medical and Dental Procedure Competency.

Castle Medical Centre’s operation manager, Sue Crook said: ”I believe that this is a great initiative and that the entire CMC team are happy to be part of”.

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