The hottest event in town is set to cause waves at The Fiddler Rouse Hill when the fifth annual Bring a Mate Father and Daughter Dance gets under way on August 31.

This year’s theme is Under the Sea.

For seven-year-old Hannah, it will be her first father and daughter event and she’s not entirely sure how her dad, Neil will cope with the dancing.

Hannah is happier on a soccer the field than a dance floor but says she’s really looking forward to spending time with her dad.

Neil Manuel is keen too: “I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time with Hannah and having a bit of a dance. It’s not easy to get that quality one-to-one time.”

Shannon Armstrong is 12 and is looking forward to her fourth dance date with her dad Robert.

“I love the different themes,” she said. “Last year the theme was circus and we had a lot of fun. The really fun bit is bonding. I find dancing quite embarrassing but dancing with dad is different. We laugh at each other.”

Robert says the annual dance is time to focus on Shannon.

“We do lots of things together as a family but this is our time. I didn’t know what to expect when we came to the first dance but it exceeded all expectations which is why we keep coming. The evening is so well organised.”

Organiser Kerrie Sheaves from Bring A Mate said they started the Father Daughter Dance Event five years ago.

“There was nothing in the North West of Sydney that gave dads an opportunity to do something fun and special with their daughters, so we thought why not do an annual Father Daughter Event, and the Dance was developed from there.

“ Encouraging men to be great is our goal.”
WHAT: The Annual Bring a Mate Father and Daughter Dance
WHEN: Saturday, August 31 from 6pm to 9pm.
WHERE: The Glasshouse, The Fiddler Rouse Hill.
WHO: Women and girls over 5. Dads can bring more than one daughter and daughters can bring more than one dad or father figure.
Cost $23 a ticket plus booking fee.
To book a ticket visit and search for bring-amate- father-daughter-dance-event-2019-the-fiddler-rouse-hill

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