If you ask why Fire and Brimstone offerings are so popular the answer is Passion and love plus the brand Angry Beard Colossus Smoker.

Brad Shorten, Pitmaster Fire and Brimstone, says foodies share the same passion.

“Our restaurant has a passionate following where we tend to get new faces then build loyal customers who become friends because they become avid supporters due to the food, passion, atmosphere bourbon bar and more.

He says the secret of a good BBQ is the time it takes to prepare and cook the meats with house made secret recipe rubs and the techniques used in the low and slow Angry Beard Colossus BBQ.

“Our briskets alone can take up to 10 – 12 hours. We are often here late the night before service preparing the meats because of the time it takes to produce what we make. It’s no easy feat, but as I mentioned it all comes from love.”

WHAT ARE THE FAVOURITES SO FAR? Our brisket are the stand out items for sure and a must try when dining with us, however if you are looking for an overall experience our Bottomless BBQ Saturdays are really popular. And our themed dinners including Whiskey and Bourbon paired with our low and slow meats are a must for something a bit different. If you want to try your hand in cooking Texan BBQ we also do masterclasses.

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