With on-site facilities making it easier than ever to exercise and stay active, a new generation of retirement village residents aren’t slowing down during their senior years – they’re speeding up.

After moving into purpose-built retirement living developments, today’s baby boomers, are finding that without having to devote time to maintaining the family home, they have time to take up new hobbies, join social activities and start exercising.

Easy access to ageappropriate activities and equipment is encouraging participation too, says Ms Kerry Mann, CEO of Cranbrook Care, which operates five retirement living and aged care residences in NSW.

“Our developments feature on-site Reflections Wellness Centres, complete with hydrotherapy pools, group fitness spaces and gymnasiums. Besides the exceptional facilities on offer, we’re finding residents feel more confident to join in physical activities, or learn new skills in friendly, group settings, with likeminded peers,” said Ms Mann.

“Many of our residents who’ve never joined a gym before are enjoying working out using our brand-new age-appropriate exercise equipment, while others are loving taking part in regular yoga classes and hydrotherapy sessions in the pool. What’s certain is that residents love the fact they no longer need to negotiate parking, sign costly gym contracts or feel anxious about joining a new activity on their own.”

Ms Mann said the feedback from residents has been overwhelmingly positive, with most embracing the physical activities program due to the easy on-site access and high participation rate among the community, eliminating any trepidation around taking up new pursuits.

Ros and Ross Hogan, new residents of Cranbrook Residences are a prime example. Already keen golfers before moving in, the couple is now taking advantage of their location next door to the fairway to work on their game, as well as joining weekly yoga classes and working out on the latest equipment in the gym.

“Since moving to Cranbrook Residences, we’ve never been so active. We’re playing plenty of golf, which we’re loving, but we’re also hitting the gym, trying out new things, and getting to know our fellow residents as a result, which is terrific, and not what we were necessarily expecting at this stage in our lives,” said Ros.

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