With drought conditions tightening more horse owners are now experiencing water shortages. Aussie Pumps is supporting owners to manager their water resources with an affordable range of Honda powered pumps.

Aussie’s range of high capacity pumps from 2” right through to 6”, called “DroughtBuster” gushers, move big volumes fast with minimal cost! Most popular is the QP402 pump which features huge flows delivering a whopping 1,800 litres per minute and deliver heads of up to 28 metres. That is over 40 psi! Ideal for fast filling water carts or transferring big volumes, the Honda pumps move more water per litre of fuel

“Aussie Pumps are matched tested with Honda engines to ensure engine speeds are maintained even when the pump is under load”, said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia

Built around the popular Aussie “Quik Prime” design principles, the pumps offer fast self-priming, with vertical lifts from creeks, rivers and dams of up to 8.4 metres!

The range includes a 6” pump with Honda 13hp engine that delivers huge flows of up to 2900 litres per minute. Aussie’s 3” and 4” pumps can push through heads of up to 70metres (vertical lift). This capability allows horse lovers to transfer water from feeder dams quickly, maximising the ability to harvest every drop of rain.

The pumps are backed by Aussie Pumps’ unique 5 year guarantee and the engines come with Honda’s 3 year warranty. “Our 5 year guarantee is the only one in the industry and tells consumers about our confidence in our product” said, Farrugia.

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