Galston Open Gardens 2017

Friday October 20, Saturday October 21, and
Sunday October 22, 2017

The Galston Garden Club will be opening eight outstanding gardens with all proceeds being distributed to a wide range of charities. Gardens are open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on each day at a cost of $5 for individual gardens or $20 for a ticket allowing entry to all the gardens (this can be distributed over the three days). All are large acreage gardens covering a wide range of styles, with three being opened for the first time, and all are different from those opened last year.

1. Highlands, 12 Ridge Road, Arcadia. Presented by Esther Ronco
2. Boulevard, 20 Wylds Road, Middle Dural. Presented by Craig Teece
3. Gleneagle, 14 Pinus Avenue, Glenorie. Presented by Jennifer and Kim Fleming
4. Paradise Found, 6 Blacks Road, Arcadia. Presented by Faye Kotsis and David Bartlett
5. Pukekura Park, 452 Galston Road, Dural. Presented by Yvonne and Fraser Mackintosh
6. Kailynd, 20 Cotswold Road, Dural. Presented by Sophie and Scott Robinson
7. Red Creek, 39 Derriwong Road, Dural. Presented by Jan and Mark Sutherland-Harris
8. Elegans, 21 Fishburn Road, Galston. Presented by Bill Fleming

Tickets are available on the open days at the Galston Club and at any of the gardens. No pre-booking is needed. Just get yourself to any of the gardens and get a ticket and the brochure which includes a map. Food is available at many local locations which are listed in the brochure, or you can bring a picnic to have in one of the gardens. Light refreshments are available at Garden 8 as well as plant and plant related stalls.

Details are listed on the website