Yellow Day at Lynwood

Members at Lynwood Country Club teed off in a sea of yellow for a charity Golf Day on November 10th in memory of professional golfer Jarrod Lyle.

Even wet weather and storm clouds did not dampen the community spirit at the Lynwood golf course on the day. The #DoingItForJarrod campaign was created by Challenge, the PGA of Australia and Golf Australia as a fundraising campaign that could be enjoyed by the entire golfing community each year.

Jarrod, who passed away in August 2018 at the age of 36, was an ambassador for Challenge which provides practical support throughout a child’s cancer journey. He himself was a teenager when he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Golf professionals at Lynwood, Lucy Harris and Darren Robel said the main aim of running the charity golf day was to create a sense of community amongst our members again.

Lucy said: “This year has been tough for our golfing community after experiencing the Hawkesbury floods for the second time in two years, this was followed by 85% of our members losing access to the course through the lockdown.

Lynwood Golf Course
Lorraine gowen and jannine smith on the green


“The Jarrod Lyle event was seen as an opportunity to come together as a club and raise money while remembering Jarrod and the impact had on the golfing community. The overwhelming response from our members after such a tough year blew us away.”

Lucy said the $600-worth of merchandise sold out in less than 48 hours which meant ordering more for the event itself.

“On the day of the event the weather was less than attractive but still 80 players showed up and even in the massive downpour they continued to keep playing and not a single complaint was heard, “ she said.

Merchandise sales and fundraising raised a total of $2499 which was topped up by a generous donation of $2000 from the CHRG board of directors.

Lucy said: “For me personally the highlight was the stories shared by members of their personal experiences with Jarrod at various events across the country as well as the enjoyment throughout the day from everyone involved.

“After the response this year, we definitely will be running the event again next year.”

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