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Withers Road Reserve to Get a New Identity: ‘Kiliiyurraa Reserve’ Proposed

Council has sent a proposal to the Geographical Names Board to rename Withers Road Reserve in North Kellyville to ‘Kiliiyurraa Reserve.’

The term means ‘turpentine tree’ in the local Dharug language spoken by First Nations people who are traditional custodians of the land across Western Sydney, spanning from the Blue Mountains to Camden and The Hills Shire.

This initiative has received significant support from Muru Mittigar, a local indigenous social enterprise group, as well as Dharug elders with strong connections to The Hills Shire.

“The use of the Dharug language on Dharug Country is a significant act of cultural preservation and identity for the Dharug people,” a spokesperson from Muru Mittigar said.

“It represents a deep connection to their heritage and a commitment to maintaining linguistic diversity.

“This practice not only honours their ancestors but also enriches the Australian cultural fabric, ensuring the Dharug language continues to thrive for future generations.”

The proposal will be evaluated by the Geographical Names Board and may involve additional public notices and consultation within the community.

Council Moves Forward Proposal To Honour First Nations People Withers Road Reserve To Get A New Identity: 'Kiliiyurraa Reserve' Proposed

Source: The Hills Shire Council

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