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Western Sydney Deserves to Keep More of What it Earns

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Western Sydney is vast, dynamic and diverse. Its many communities have unique experiences and challenges. It is not a uniform place, however there is one uniform statement that rings true: Western Sydney deserves to keep more of what it earns.

This is why we are delivering tax cuts to every taxpayer in Western Sydney – all 902,000 of them. Around 90 per cent of these hard-working people will receive a larger tax cut under Labor’s tax cuts.

Tax cuts for workers in disability, retail, and transport sectors. For health and aged-care workers. For accountants, teachers, software programmers and tradies – for every taxpayer.

While our plan is responsibly targeted to boost support for hard working families, it delivers for every taxpayer – right up and down the income ladder. The tax-cut for a worker on $80,000, for example, is worth more than $1,670 a year. A worker earning $50,000 will receive a tax cut worth more than $900.

Under the Coalition’s alternative, many workers — often working part-time with families — would have got nothing. Not a dollar.

Labor’s tax cuts will make a meaningful difference to workers and households across Western Sydney grappling with cost-of-living pressures. I know – because I represent a community in North-West Sydney with high levels of mortgage stress.

Local residents – many of whom are economic migrants who moved to Australia for opportunities for themselves and their children – are asking for Government to do more to help. To say to these families there’s nothing Government can do would be a furphy.

The Federal Government is in a position to help – without making the economic situation worse by adding to inflation.Our bigger tax cuts for more Australians deliver on that objective. It complements our work to deliver electricity bill relief, cheaper childcare, medicines and GP visits.

We have increased rent assistance, delivered feefree TAFE places, and extended free broadband for school children with no connectivity at home.

Labor has also launched an ACCC inquiry into supermarket prices and allegations of price gouging, the first of its kind since 2008.

Helping Australians with the cost of living is our number one priority because if the cost of essentials rises too fast, people can’t plan or save for the future. Unlike the relentlessly negative Coalition, the Albanese Government is saying yes to supporting Western Sydney families to keep more of what they earn.

As Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says, our new tax cuts are the right decision at the right time, for the right reasons. That’s why this Government listened to families in Western Sydney – and acted.

To estimate your tax cut, use the calculator @ Tax cuts to help with the cost of living |

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