We Need Fitters

Local company, Australian Pump Industries, is seeking to strengthen its production team of fitters and assemblers. In a drive to meet the increasing demand for their industrial range of pressure cleaners and pumps, the company is pushing ahead with an ambitious plan to double production.

Aussie Pump products are all designed for the toughest operating conditions, with quality and reliability being the most important factors.

“Our design philosophy of functional innovation has led to the development of a world class range of pressure cleaners and pumps that we’re truly proud of,” said Aussie’s Hamish Lorenz. “We ship products not just throughout the country but all over the world, and that’s testament to the quality engineering and components used,” he said.

Australian Pump leads the field in pressure cleaner development with innovative, award winning frames, advances in pump design and improvements in safety. The production team play a key role in driving efficiency in assembly with a constant push to improve the way in which machines are built.

“It’s the relentlessly refining our methods to improve efficiency that has given us a keen edge in a very competitive market,” said Lorenz. “Our fitters are a dedicated team and really take pride in the products we build,” he added.

The company has always had a strong belief in employing staff from the local community. Always based in the Hills District, it has certainly come a long way from its conception in Arcadia.

“The success of the company is due to the passion and dedication of the people who work here,” said Lorenz. “We believe that what we do makes a real difference and contributes to the prosperity of the Hills District and the Country,” he said.

Qualified fitters and assemblers with a strong mechanical aptitude are urged to apply directly to Hamish Lorenz at Australian Pump Industries.


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