Wanda Rowan JP: Justice of the Peace.

Finding the right job, and being able to work from home sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Absolutely, says Windsor Mortgage Broker Wanda Rowan. She enjoys her home office – and has developed the knack of ignoring domestic distractions. However,(she confesses), though it’s great working from home, at times she just wants to get out of the house!

Born in Malaysia (her father was in the RAAF), Wanda arrived in Australia at the age of six, grew up in Kellyville and later graduated from Castle Hill High School. Her career of nine years, is a natural fit. She thrives on order. On dotting i’s and crossing t’s. So for Wanda, tailoring mortgages to people’s needs, is heady stuff. For the convenience of her clients, Wanda also became a Justice of the Peace (JP), a qualification not easily come by. Applicants must demonstrate a need for the appointment, such as an employer’s requirement; provide full identification; two references from people of good character; and a recommendation from the local NSW State Member of Parliament – etc. The application can take three months to be approved and must be renewed every five years. There is no pay. A Code of Conduct prohibits JPs from charging a fee or accepting a gift for services. Where can one find these dedicated souls? JPs volunteer in libraries, councils or shopping centres, which is where Wanda, has found her niche. Volunteering has become a welcome addition to her daily round. (And it gets her out of the house!)

For the past twelve months, Wanda has been providing JP services in the Winston Hills Shopping Centre. No legal advice is given, but as an essential part of the legal system, the law does authorise her (and all JPs) to witness statutory declarations, affidavits and to certify that a copy of an original document, is a true and accurate copy. So, should you require any of the above free services, visit Wanda at her desk on Wednesdays between 10am and 12pm. She’ll make sure your documents have their i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Seriously. Then if time permits, she’ll share a joke. She’s that kind of woman. Thank you,

Wanda! References: Government NSW Justices of the Peace.

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