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Tunein To Better Hearing: Why Regular Check-Ups are Essential


Imagine never servicing your car or visiting the dentist infrequently. Unusual, isn’t it? Just like your car and teeth need regular check-ups, so does your hearing. Whether you wear hearing aids or not, maintaining your hearing health is crucial. At Ear Studio, we help you stay connected to the world of sound. Let’s explore why regular reviews and assessments are vital for everyone.

Annual Reviews for Hearing Aid Users
For individuals using hearing aids, annual reviews are essential. Just as you periodically update your glasses prescription to maintain optimal vision, your hearing aids require adjustments to accommodate changes in your hearing.

At Ear Studio, we meticulously adjust your hearing aids to match your current hearing thresholds. Even if your devices seem to be functioning well, fine-tuning can lead to significant improvements in performance. Sandra, our expert audiometrist, highlights two primary benefits of annual check-ups:

1. Monitoring Hearing Health: We track the progression of your hearing loss and evaluate your overall ear health, including middle ear pressure and other critical factors.

2. Hearing Aid Maintenance: Like a vehicle that requires regular servicing to ensure optimal performance, hearing aids benefit from professional care. While some maintenance can be performed at home, other tasks, such as dehumidifying treatments and comprehensive cleanings, require professional attention. Regular reviews help us keep your devices updated and functioning at their best. Additionally, these reviews enable us to utilise your hearing aid’s warranty effectively, performing necessary services before it expires and potentially saving you significant costs.

Hearing Screening

Regular Assessments for People Without Hearing Aids
Regular hearing assessments are important for those who do not currently use hearing aids or have very mild hearing loss. Hearing loss can affect anyone, not just older adults. Starting hearing tests in your 50s or 60s provides a baseline of your hearing levels, which can be valuable for future reference. Hearing loss isn’t static; it more than often evolves gradually. If an assessment reveals no hearing loss, you might not need another test for a few years. However, establishing that baseline is a good idea.

At Ear Studio, we believe in providing honest assessments. We’re not here to sell you hearing aids if you don’t need or want them. Instead, we aim to advise and educate so you gain an insight into how hearing works and what your current results mean in your daily life.

Conclusion: The Value of Regular Reviews
As you can see, regular reviews are beneficial and make sense, whether you are a hearing aid wearers or not. Assessments help catch changes early and provide a proactive approach to your hearing health. Our friendly and skilled team is dedicated to guiding you through this journey, ensuring you receive the best care and advice tailored to your needs.

By prioritising annual reviews and regular assessments, you can maintain optimal hearing health, adjust to changes without delay, and make the most of your hearing aids and warranties. We’re here to help you hear your best. Contact us today on 02 9159 6122 or visit for more information or to book a hearing assessment online.

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