An Exploration of Love and Human Connection

Presented by Castle Hill Players at the Pavilion Theatre. Playing until 15 June, 2024.

Amidst the temperatures dropping, you’ll find a heartwarming production, Almost, Maine playing at the Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill. Recent reviews are proving it to be a great reason to brave the cold and enjoy some local live theatre at its best.

Set against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, nine interlocking tales of love are performed by a talented cast of six, masterfully directed by Meredith Jacobs.

Nicole Smith (Stage Whispers) writes, ‘At its core, Almost, Maine is a poignant and heartfelt exploration of love and human connection. Through its vignettes, the play delves into the complexities of relationships, capturing both the joy and pain of opening one›s heart to another. Each scene is a snapshot of raw emotion and vulnerability, inviting the audience to reflect on their experiences with love and loss and taking that chance.’

Along the way you will meet adorable Glory who carries her broken heart in a bag, and endearing Gayle who decides to reclaim all the love she gave to Lendall who failed to propose. You’ll also meet Randy and Chad who find falling in love to be a bruising affair.

2024 Chp 3 Almost Maine 9932 An Exploration Of Love And Human Connection

When asked why people should come see this play, Kate Gandy, who plays multiple characters, responded, “I think because every story has something that someone is going to connect to. I think that’s the best part about the show. Obviously, everyone has so many different experiences in life, but every different story has something that somebody will walk away from this show, saying, ‘Yes! I’ve said those words! I’ve been in that situation!’”

Jacobs revealed that she was given this play a long time ago by a friend who thought this was right up her alley and has been wanting to put this up at the Pavilion Theatre ever since. “I love that it’s episodic, that we see nine different vignettes. We meet one couple at the very top of the show, and we reconnect with them at the very end. I like that it’s not a straight through narrative. It’s a little bit different. I like that as an audience, you get the best bits,” says Jacobs.

With a reputation for high quality theatre in the Hills District, you must get along to Castle Hill Players’ latest production, which is playing until the 15th June at the Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill Showgrounds. For more information and tickets head to Paviliontheatre. Tickets $30 General/$25 Concession. Free Parking. Complimentary Tea, Coffee & Biscuits at Interval.

‘It is a cast that works together and trusts each other and forms a heart-warming ensemble— eliciting both laughter and tears from the audience.’ Nicole Smith, Stage Whispers.

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Almost, Maine

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