Triple 000

Car overturns in driveway

Paramedics were called to Carrabai Pl Baulkham Hills just after 11am on April 26 after an elderly resident managed to overturn her car while reversing out of her driveway. Paramedics arrived on location, along with Police and Fire and Rescue NSW, to find an 80-year-old woman being helped from vehicle by neighbours. The elderly driver was fortunate to have only sustained minor injuries in the ordeal and was transported by ambulance to Westmead Hospital in a stable condition.

Fall down stairs

A 32-year-old man from Baulkham Hills was lucky to have escaped serious injury after falling down an internal staircase just after 8am on Anzac Day. Paramedics rushed to the Old Northern Rd address following reports that the man was seriously injured after falling down 20 stairs. The man was stabilised by paramedics before being transported in a stable condition to Westmead Hospital.

Burns from boiling water

Paramedics are reminding parents to be vigilant with young children around hot objects, and fluids, following an incident where a 1-year-old boy sustained moderate burns on April 21.

Paramedics and the CareFlight helicopter responded to a triple zero call on Burns Rd Kellyville just after 4 pm following reports that the child had fallen into a pot of boiling water.

Chief Inspector Parsell said, “the child sustained burns to his back, hip and thigh in the ordeal, and following stabilisation, was transported by ambulance to The Children’s Hospital Westmead in a stable condition. This incident serves as a reminder to parents that a moment’s inattention around young children can have life-long consequences.”

Pedestrian collision

Paramedics rushed to Bella Vista Dr and Saxonvale Rd Bella Vista on April 19 following multiple triple zero (000) calls to a female hit by a vehicle. Paramedics arrived to find a 66-year-old woman had been struck by a car while crossing the road just after 5.30pm. Bystanders informed paramedics that the woman had been thrown up to three metres following the impact. Paramedics treated the injured pedestrian for facial and lower limb injuries before she was rushed to Westmead Hospital in a stable condition.

Funnel web spider bite

Intensive Care Paramedics responded to an emergency call to Casuarina Dr Cherrybrook on the morning of April 19 after a 34-yearold man was bitten on the wrist by a funnel web spider while gardening. Paramedics applied a pressure immobilisation bandage to the man’s affected limb and transported him by ambulance to Hornsby Hospital in a stable condition.

Fallen from ladder

Paramedics and the CareFlight helicopter responded to Carisbrook St Kellyville just after 2pm on April 14 following reports that a 74-year-old man had fallen from a ladder at his home.

Paramedics arrived on scene within ten minutes of the triple zero call to find the man semi-conscious with serious head injuries following a fall. With the assistance of paramedics, the CareFlight medical crew placed the man into an induced coma before he was transported by ambulance to Westmead Hospital in a serious condition.

Five people taken to hospital

Paramedics and Police responded to Castle Hill Rd West Pennant Hills just after 9.30 am on April 14 following a four vehicle collision near New Line Rd. Paramedics assessed and transported a total of five occupants from this collision. All five patients sustained minor injuries in the collision and were transported to Hornsby Hospital in a stable condition.

Chaos at roundabout

Paramedics and the CareFlight helicopter responded to Glenhaven and Bannerman Rds Glenhaven just before 2.30pm on April 16 after a truck rolled and careered through the front fence of a house. Paramedics arrived on scene within minutes of the collision and worked with other emergency services to extricate the driver of the vehicle who was unconscious and trapped in the cabin.

The driver, a male aged 30, sustained facial, chest and lower limb injuries in the collision. The man was placed into an induced coma by the CareFlight medical team before being transported by road ambulance in a serious condition to Westmead Hospital.

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