Finding Your Happy Space – The Story of Ms Robbie Scott

Robbie Scott is a valued resident of Windsor Country Village, and she gives generously of herself to all those around her.  the story

The ability to express herself freely and with confidence comes from Robbie being in control of her life and living in a safe and supportive space.

Robbie Scott gives a lot to the community, but she receives a lot in return too. As one of the younger residents, Robbie moved into WCV at the age of 55 and has been with us for 5 years. Arriving here was not easy, but it was a journey with a rewarding destination.

Like many women who sacrifice a portion of themselves for their children and partners, Robbie lacked financial independence and felt tied to an unsatisfactory relationship. With her children growing up, and her ill mother requiring more care, Robbie took the challenging step to separation and independence, ending her relationship.

The financial settlement left Robbie with a nest egg, that if carefully managed would enable her to achieve control of her own destiny whilst living a fulfilled and rewarding life.

She assessed her options and found the idea of property ownership in a strata-titled retirement village a great way to see her investment grow whilst entering a safe environment, where the cost of living was low and the support for the next stage of her life was high. The Story The Story The Story The Story

Robbie now works 3 days a week in the care sector as a way to give back to those who have helped her look after her mother. For the rest of the week she enjoys life in the village and beyond; just last week celebrated her 60th birthday with family and friends dancing the night away in the Village community centre!

Robbie looks forward to the next 30, 50 or more years and we can’t wait to share her journey.

The Story

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