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Maintaining regular exercise isn’t reserved for the young and athletic. Regular movement and activity is so important for ageing bodies too. Castle Hill Gymnastics

Not only has gentle movement and exercise been proven to increase mobility and cognitive functions, it also releases endorphins that also have positive impacts on mental health and wellbeing.

Mr. Brett Andrews, CHRG General Manager of Health, Fitness & Sport said “Our Fitter for Life program at Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre is a fun, fundamental movement program and social opportunity targeted at Seniors, that aims to help improve mobility, strength, and coordination.”

The skills developed in the Fitter for Life program are used for common activities, such as:
• Walking up and down a flight of stairs;
• Hanging out the washing;
• Bending down or reaching up into cupboards; and
• Playing with grandchildren.

These skills help improve the quality of everyday life, in a safe and friendly environment where programs can be tailored to suit each participant’s needs.

The incredible benefits of this program include:
• Improving aerobic capacity;
• Extending independence;
• Increased muscle strength and balance; and
• Increases in cognitive function.

Mr Andrews added “Fitter for Life is a nationwide program that is offered by Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre’s Gymnastics Program – an award winner for their first-class delivery of it. Fitter For Life will suit Seniors who are interested in becoming more physically active, meeting new people, and improving mobility in daily activities.”

Castle Hill Gymnastics at Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre runs Fitter for Life on Monday Wednesday and Friday from 12:30pm to 1:15pm.

Call 02 9846 1270 or visit Castle Hill Gymnastics, 77 Castle Street, Castle Hill (Inside Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre).

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