The Cumberland State Forest West Pennant Hills

Img 0160 The Cumberland State Forest West Pennant HillsThe Cumberland State Forest is Australia’s only metropolitan State Forest and we are fortunate to have this wonderful green space to enjoy right on our doorstep.

Forty hectares of native forest, the Cumberland State Forest is home to some of Australia’s most valuable fauna, flora and ecological communities.

It is a tranquil oasis in the middle of suburbia and as you enter the Forest you quickly forget the outside world with its hustle and bustle.

For my daughters this was their very first visit to the Cumberland State Forest and they were amazed by the trees, the trails that take you through the Forest and of course the Tree Tops Adventure Courses. They are already asking if we can visit the Forest again soon!

There are three Forest walks available. The Sensory trail which is 350m in length and perfect for small children and prams. My almost 3-year-old, Sophie was able to walk the trail herself and it was a delight to see her walk hand in hand with her older sisters.

The Palm Gully Trail and Forestry Trail are 1km and 1.3km in length and both of these trails are fairly easy to walk but aren’t pram friendly. All trails allow you to explore the forest and to really enjoy the wonders of our environment.

For those that enjoy an adrenaline rush, there is the Tree Top Adventures which consists of obstacle courses in the canopy of the trees. There are 4 courses to try which increase in difficulty and cater to all ages from the very young to the young at heart.

Img 0195 The Cumberland State Forest West Pennant HillsThere is a café on site called Café Saligna which sits in the visitor centre that has plenty of interesting information about the Forest. Café Salinga is a hidden gem and a great place to catch up with friends and family for coffee. Next to the Café, is a nursery which sell some absolutely beautiful plants

There is also multiple picnic areas spread throughout the Forest with BBQs with plenty of space for the kids to run around making it the perfect day out for families.

As our suburbs become denser and our population increases, the Cumberland State Forest becomes even more valuable as an important green space.

COVID-19 has also highlighted how essential green spaces are, especially for our physical and mental wellbeing It is important that we fight for the Cumberland State Forest and ensure that it remains intact for current and future generations to enjoy.

During my time as Mayor, The Hon David Elliott Member for Baulkham Hills and myself lobbied the State Government to reclassify the Cumberland State Forest into a National Park in order to strengthen its protection and ensure it can continue to provide a much-needed place where people can enjoy the great outdoors and nature, as well as play a key role in looking after the area’s remaining biodiversity. I hope the reclassification soon comes to fruition and that the Cumberland Forest gets the forever protection it deserves.

Cumberland State Forest

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