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Does your dog have bad breath, discoloured teeth or difficulty eating? Sydney Animal Hospital

Dogs can’t brush their teeth, but just like people, they are at risk of developing dental problems because bacteria and plaque accumulate on their teeth contributing to gum disease or gingivitis, which can be painful and also lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream and circulating to affect other body organs.

Over 80% of dogs develop dental disease by the age of three.

Dental disease can often be hidden from sight, with unhealthy teeth contributing to pain and other diseases. During July and August, Sydney Animal Hospitals are offering free dental checks by our veterinary nurses, along with reduced price dental procedures and discounts on dental pet foods.

Regular health checks with our veterinary team are so important, so that we can examine your pet and discuss any dental treatment or preventative management that may be required to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

Some tell-tale signs that your dog may require a dental treatment include if they have bad breath or if they have yellow or brown tartar deposits on their teeth – as normal healthy teeth should always be white. If there is a red line along the gum margins around the teeth, this usually indicates gingivitis – or inflammation and infection of the gums.

Sydney Animal HospitalsOur veterinary team will discuss with you the appropriate treatment options available to manage your dog’s dental health. This may include a dental scale and polish procedure performed under a general anaesthetic to clean and protect the teeth. Using dog dental chews can also be helpful, as these products help to draw plaque and tartar off the teeth helping to keep the teeth clean. Special dental foods are also available to help reduce the risk of dental disease in your dog.

Much like people brushing their teeth to keep them clean, you can also brush your dog’s teeth using a dog tooth brush and special dog toothpaste. This mechanical brushing action against the teeth surface will help slow the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Recognising when your dog’s teeth require veterinary attention, seeking advice from our veterinary team and implementing the appropriate treatment will ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy into their older years.

The signs of dental disease can sometimes be difficult to see, but the good news is that we’re here to help. During July and August the team at Sydney Animal Hospitals are providing free vet nurse dental checks to examine your dog for signs of dental disease, along with reduced price dental treatments and discounted Hill’s dental food. This offer is valid until the 31st August 2022 (T&C’s apply). For more information, please contact our team at Kellyville on 8883 0533 or Norwest on 8883 0411 or book online

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