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Teen Driver’s License Suspended for Excessive Speeding on The Hills Highway

Officers from The Hills Highway Patrol suspend an 18-year-old P1 licence holder travelling 71 km/hr over the sign posted speed limit.

About 5.50am on the 29th of January 2023, officers conducted stationary speed enforcement along Old Windsor Road at Bella Vista. A yellow Toyota C-HR was detected travelling at 151km/hr in a sign posted 80km/hr zone. Police have stopped the vehicle and spoken to the driver where he stated, “I need to go to the toilet.” The driver returned negative results for alcohol and drugs.

The driver was issued an infringement notice for Exceed Speed Limit – over 45 km/hr, his NSW driver’s licence was confiscated and suspended on the spot for a period of 6 months. The vehicle was not owned by the driver and the number plates remained on the vehicle.

151Kph Teen Driver'S License Suspended For Excessive Speeding On The Hills Highway


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