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Hawkesbury Residents Benefit from Labor’s Better Tax Cuts

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On the 1st of July this year, the Albanese Labor Government will deliver a tax cut for every single Australian taxpayer.

We understand that many households are doing it tough, we’ve listened and it became clear that giving more Australians a tax cut would make a real difference to help with the cost of living.

We want people to earn more – and keep more of what they earn. That includes hardworking Middle Australia, who benefit from our tax cuts—people who were getting not much or nothing from the coalition’s tax plan.

A childcare worker in Bligh Park on $40,000 a year will get a $654 tax cut. Under the Liberal Party, they would have got zero. A maintenance worker at a Hawkesbury primary school on $50,000 will get a tax cut of $929 a year.

Susan Templeman Web Scaled Hawkesbury Residents Benefit From Labor’s Better Tax CutsA cook in aged care at Richmond or a home-care workers will get a tax cut of $1,166. Workers on $70,000 a year, like an admin worker at one of our local schools, will get a tax cut of $1,429. And teachers on $80,000 a year or a registered nurse in aged care will receive a tax cut of $1,679—double what they would have got under the Liberals.

In Macquarie 85% of taxpayers will receive a bigger tax cut than under Peter Dutton’s and Scott Morrison’s old plan. The average tax cut is $1,624. That’s around $90 million back into the pockets of taxpayers, the pockets of workers, just in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains alone. That’s just for the first year

Whether you’re a cleaner, engineer, carpenter, retail worker, beautician or truck driver, you will get a tax cut from Labor on 1 July. That means there’ll be more money in your pay packet.

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