Tara Anglican School Community Service Day

There is a new opportunity to raise some funds for our Days for Girls. A 10c deposit on all drink containers up to 1 ltr (includes cans, water bottles, popper juices etc see the website returnandearn.org. au) There are a number of places they can be returned.There is one at Kellyville Woolworths carpark. You just put your containers in and press voucher. If you hand these vouchers in to me at the address below, I will redeem them for Days for Girls. See the website for other places to take them that may be closer to you. I know it doesn’t sound much but if everyone returned just 10 containers each then we would have over $100 for Days for Girls.

Our next Days for Girls working bee is on Monday 15th January,2018 at 6 Bendtree Way, Castle Hill – 10 am – 2 pm. Morning tea and lunch provided. If you would like to bring something to contribute that would be great too!

Have a great Christmas and New Year break and see you all for another exciting Days for Girls year!!

McArdles Tree Services