This is How Mavis Chose her Comfortable Rise Recliner

Finding a cosy place to sit down and relax is very important. This brings chairs into focus. Who does not know about chairs? You might have one or two favourites. All chairs give you some support, but think about the following questions that Mavis asked herself and the manufacturer before she chose hers.

Do I need extra support? Do I sit in the same chair for long periods? Do I find it difficult to sit down or get up? Getting the right chair can help keep you independent.

A Rise Recliner or Lift Chair, is good in two ways:

• The rising action helps you stand up and sit down independently.
• The reclining action can make you more comfortable. Check with your medical professional what is good for you.

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying a rise recliner. Here are a few:

• How many motors? This is very important to serve your needs for long term. • Fabric, Leather or Vinyl?
• What size? Don’t get lost in a too huge a chair or get tied to a too small one.
• The carrying capacity of the Chair?
• Does it have a battery back-up in case of an emergency?
• Does it have a head rest?
• Do you need a side pocket?
• How easy are the controls?
• On which side is the control?

It is important to sit on one and try before you buy, as Mavis did. Don’t forget to ask about the Warranty. Comfort Discovered, (Tel 99874500, 511 Pacific Hway, Mt Colah) has a variety of Lift Chairs and Rise Recliners in stock. They, with their 35 years of experience in this field, will be able to help you with your needs. They will have one in stock that suits your taste, size, functions, space available at home and your budget. Visit and take advantage of their special offers on Rise Recliners. Don’t forget to try the Ludlow Rise Recliner that has an adjustable lumbar support and headrest, with an enviable design. Mavis was very happy that she followed these simple tips which put her in the most comfortable chair.

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