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State Government’s Emergency Services Levy Increase

Peter1 State Government'S Emergency Services Levy Increase

The Hills Shire Council is urging the State Government to rethink recent changes to the Emergency Services Levy that will see our ratepayers pay an additional $1.5 million for the services in the upcoming financial year.

The ending of the subsidy to the Emergency Services Levy and the steep price rise are a blatant cost shift onto local communities across the State and many NSW Councils will be asking what projects will be cut or delayed to make ends meet.

I believe the subsidy should be reinstalled and a fairer model followed so that the latest Emergency Services Levy costs are considered when determining the rate peg, or the Levy should be decoupled from the rate peg to enable full cost recovery.

Following the unanimous adoption of my Mayoral Minute last night, we will be joining other NSW Councils and LGNSW in contacting State Government Ministers and State MP’s to advocate for the best interests of our communities.

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