Sewage pump station replacement

Council has invested $1.83 million into the renewal of the Windsor Sewerage Scheme’s Sewage Pump Station ‘C’ using funding set aside for the renewal of vital assets.

The continued and sustainable management of Council’s Sewerage assets is essential to ensure ongoing and reliable sewerage services. The pump station was ear-marked for renewal due to its age and condition, having given reliable service over many years.

The pump station project began in September 2016 and was commissioned and handed over to Council on Friday, 8 September 2017.

The pump station consists of a new 3.6 metre diameter concrete pump station eight metres deep, explained the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett.

“There is also a new control switchboard and generator, allowing full remote access and control via the internet, and 24 hour backup power if reticulated power supplies should fail,” she said.

“This new infrastructure will help us to reduce our environmental footprint through resource and waste management, which is part of ‘Caring for Our Environment’ under the Hawkesbury Community Strategic Plan 2017-2036.”

The Windsor Sewerage Scheme’s Sewage Pump Station ‘C’, Windsor (located behind Windsor Toyota along Macquarie Street) was constructed in the 1930s and was around 80 years old. The pump station was originally commissioned in 1938 to serve the townships of Windsor and South Windsor.

A structural assessment conducted by consultants on behalf of Council determined that, while currently operating satisfactorily, the declining condition of the pump station meant it was in need of replacement to ensure continued satisfactory operation.

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