Have your Say About the Future of New Line Road

Traffic on New Line Road has a huge impact on our community. The road was built for a time when our community had more orchards and fewer homes. People are stuck in traffic jams every day of the week and at various points, it is unsafe for pedestrians to cross.

New Line Road is an NSW Government responsibility however my concern about the road, led me to fight for and secure federal funds to fast track planning for an upgrade of the road to make it ready for State Government investment.

You will have seen surveyors and other workers scoping out the work along New Line Road over the last six months. During this time many of you have contacted me wanting to give your feedback on what the upgrade should look like.

Have your say by using the following options:
• Call 1800 314 601 (during business hours)
• Email [email protected]
• Send your feedback to New Line Road Project, PO Box 973, Parramatta, NSW 2124

Transport for NSW has stated that they are currently investigating options to upgrade New Line Road and that they will carefully review all feedback received.

New Line RoadHaving your say will help make the case for investment of further funds by the NSW Government.

It’s great the NSW and Federal Governments have worked together to ensure the planning happened and I hope the community input will help make the case for the NSW Government to invest in this road