New Bike Path


Hills Shire Council has opened a brand new bike path (cycleway) and bridge over Smalls Creek.

The 38-metre pedestrian bridge links Balfour Avenue in Beaumont Hills to the McMillian Circuit Reserve, as well as to the shops, schools and other amenities in North Kellyville.

Whilst the cycleway connection stretches 140 meters on the North Kellyville side and provides a safe off-road link for pedestrians and cyclists moving between the two suburbs.

Council funded the project and ensured construction could continue in a safe manner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne said: “This project required a vast team of professionals and skilled tradesman who oversaw the planning, designing, approvals, manufacturing and construction of the bridge and cycleway.

Bike Path“Continuing work on this project in such an uncertain time provided employment opportunities, which is particularly important in driving the local and national economy during the pandemic.

“I’m proud of Council’s commitment to this project, as well as to the providing vital pedestrian links. This creates better connectivity in our Shire and promotes active and healthy lifestyles,” Mayor Byrne added.

This new link forms part of the more than 100 kilometres of dedicated cycle pathways that already exist across the Sydney Hills. Bike Path Bike Path Bike Path 

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