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Sarah McMahon on her Hawkesbury Mayor Re-Election

In a vote held by Hawkesbury Councillors on September 12th, Liberal Clr Sarah McMahon and Labor Clr Barry Calvert were re-elected as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hawkesbury City Council for the remainder of the Council’s term. Both votes passed with a 7-5 split for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, after Independent Clr Nathan Zamprogno challenged both positions.

Hawkesbury Mayor McMahon is honoured to be re-elected to the position, following her first year in the position: “I feel very strongly about being able to work for this community, advocate for outcomes – especially after fires, floods, and COVID – and try to get our community on the path to recovery.

So having the support of a majority of my colleagues was very humbling, and I’m pleased to be here for another 12 months. I absolutely love the Hawkesbury and to be able to do my little part in history and try to help this community is very rewarding.”

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Despite concerns in the community, Mayor McMahon also wants to assure the Hawkesbury that the Council is very positive and unified. “We are focused on the community – it’s probably best to not listen to the white noise in the background and actually look at the good work that a lot of councillors are doing.

“We don’t have wards, we don’t have a popularly elected Mayor, we are a group of 12. We’re not a parliament in there, and the best thing I want to say to my co-councillors is put your political differences aside and work for our community, because that’s what they want.”

There’s plenty Mayor McMahon has planned for the next 12 months. “We’ll get on with the community consultation for WestInvest, get those projects started and that sort of thing Once we find out what the new government wants to do with flood mitigation, we’ll know as a Council how much money they’re allocating and we’ll continue flood advocacy. And we’ll be doing everything we can to educate our community to be prepared to get ready for the bushfire season coming up.”

Image 2023 09 20 124020398 Sarah Mcmahon On Her Hawkesbury Mayor Re-Election
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