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Lawn Lads and Lasses is the newest social enterprise service offered by the Riverstone-based RuffTRACK charity which is working with youngsters to build up their skills.

RuffTRACK started in 2019 as a 12 week pilot program aimed at connecting young people with animals to foster responsibility and trust.

It now supports over 50 vulnerable, young people a year and is and helping them develop life and work skills to plan their future pathways.

It was co-founded by David Graham (better known as Farmer Dave) and supports young people age between 12 and 17 who have disengaged with school and the community.

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RuffTRACK centres on skill development with programs based on agricultural education, public speaking, animal care and training, building relationships, community outreach services self generated income projects.

The training programs include fabrication, animal husbandry, carpentry, dog, training, domestic skills, horticultural, landscaping, mechanics, leather work, physical education, welding and woodwork.

It’s social enterprises services include the Lads and Lasses lawn and site clean-up service, a RuffTRACK mobile coffee shop, a metal fabrication and plasma cutting business, land regeneration and bushfire fencing so if you need help or want to know any more email [email protected] or see 26 Rufftrack Helping Out

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