Rotarians and the community join forces in the fight against Graffiti

Windsor Rotarians and community members joined forces on Sunday, 29 October 2017 to participate in this year’s Graffiti Removal Day at Youl Place Reserve, Bligh Park. The efforts of those involved in this annual event are greatly appreciated by the organisers and the local community in reinforcing this year’s theme “Love where we live!”

Graffiti vandalism costs local businesses, households, NSW Government and Hawkesbury City Council millions of dollars each year. This is money which could be invested into roads, sporting facilities, schools and hospitals.

Graffiti tagged colourbond fences surrounding the reserve were painted with matching coloured paint from Dulux Australia, who has donated thousands of dollars in paints over the past several years. Dulux has successfully supported the three Rotary Clubs in the Hawkesbury (Richmond, Windsor, and Kurrajong North Richmond) with their ongoing graffiti removal programs that operate throughout the year.

Windsor Rotary Club in conjunction with Hawkesbury City Council run the Graffiti Removal Day event in October each year to encourage our local communities to get involved in actively removing unsightly graffiti from public places and encouraging the community to “Love where they live!”

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