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Roadworks Commencing In Richmond


Roadworks Commencing In Richmond

Road resurfacing works will commence at night with full road closures at the intersection of Windsor Street (eastern side) and East Market Street as well closed access to both Paget and Moray Street, from Lennox Street.

Closure Details:
  • Access to and from East Market Street at Windsor and March Street will be closed over four nights from 6 August to 9 August 2023.
  • Access to and from Paget Street onto Lennox will be closed over four nights from 13 August to 15 August.
  • Access to and from Moray Street onto Lennox Street will be closed over four nights from 10 August to 14 August.

Emergency vehicles can still travel through the closure under traffic control. For Heavy vehicles, detours will be via Bourke Street and Lennox Street for westbound traffic, and via East Market Street, Lennox Street and Bourke for eastbound traffic. For light vehicles and local traffic, detour will be via Paget Street, Francis Street and West Market Street.

Source: Hawkesbury City Council

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