There are frequent social events at Riverside Gardens thanks to our Social Coordinator and an active group of residents.

Every resident has access to the centre as they please, to enjoy a tea or coffee, visit the library, watch TV or a DVD. There is a snooker table and an outdoor BBQ area.

The Melbourne Cup is another good reason for a get together with nibbles and BYO drinks This year was no exception. Our residents certainly know what “Bring a plate”, means. We had a sweep, lucky door prizes and of course the judging of the best hat.

The hat parade provided light entertainment because one of our residents arrived in a fabulous fascinator that after the parade had to be distributed around the room for all to try on. Our Rogue’s Gallery now includes the wearing of the fascinator.

The highlight of the day was the horse race of course and our sweep master was busy distributing the winnings.

Riverside Gardens has an age range from 55 to 95. Mind you, it’s very hard to pick the ninety year olds. We have residents still in the workforce, volunteering or just plain busy being retired.

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