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Repairs Complete at Samantha Riley Drive Reserve

Repairs Complete At Samantha Riley Drive Reserve
Repairs have been completed to the sports fields at Samantha Riley Drive Reserve, after they were damaged in an act of vandalism.
I would like to thank our Council staff and the contractors TRN Group, who worked hard to replace and repair the turf, after approximately $50,000 worth of damage occurred in the early hours of Saturday, May 13. Some sections off grass were cut out and new turf laid.
In other areas, rolling, topdressing and fertilising were done to save the grass. No damage to the irrigation system occurred, but there has been delays getting onto the next stage, which is installing the sand slit drainage.
This incident has highlighted how much the residents value their community facilities. It is my hope that this unfortunate incident will deter would-be vandals.
I encourage residents to report antisocial and illegal activity to the police and this will go a long way to deterring future acts of vandalism.

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