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Wellness Blood Tests and Regular Health Checks for Our Senior Pets

As our beloved pets journey into their golden years, it’s crucial to prioritize their health and well-being. Since our furry companions can’t verbally express their discomfort, regular health check-ups and wellness blood tests are essential to detect any potential issues before they escalate.

Did you know that dogs are considered seniors at 7 years old, while cats reach their senior years at 10? Aging pets may start showing signs of age-related health issues, affecting their behaviour, appetite, and mobility. It’s crucial to recognize these signs early on, as prompt detection of age-related diseases is the key to managing them effectively and ensuring a high quality of life for your pet.

Some symptoms of aging may be obvious, like reduced stamina during walks, while others may be more subtle, such as changes in appetite or demeanor. Keeping an eye on your pet’s eating and drinking habits, weight, toileting behaviour, and mobility is essential so that you can promptly report any changes to your veterinarian.

Wellness Blood Tests And Regular Health Checks For Our Senior Pets

Common health problems affecting senior pets include osteoarthritis, obesity, metabolic diseases like diabetes or kidney failure, dental issues, and cardiovascular changes. Behavioural changes are also common, which could be indicative of cognitive dysfunction or underlying pain or metabolic issues.

Regular annual vet check-ups and six-monthly wellness blood tests are recommended for all senior pets to monitor their health effectively. These blood tests help veterinarians assess the function of internal organs such as the kidneys and liver and can often serve as the first indicator of any underlying health issues.

With early intervention, most age-related diseases can be managed effectively, ensuring that your senior pet remains comfortable, happy, and healthy for years to come. Give your furry friend the gift of proactive healthcare – schedule their wellness blood test today and receive a complimentary bag of Hill’s food tailored to your Pet’s senior needs.

Senior Pet Awareness 2024 Wellness Blood Tests And Regular Health Checks For Our Senior Pets

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