Radio Alive 90.5: 25th Anniversary.

Story and photos by Carmel Liddell.

Now in its 25th year, Alive 90.5 is well established in Australian Community Broadcasting! Formerly 2CCR, the Cumberland Community Radio Inc. (an amalgamation of two groups, one in Parramatta/Holroyd and the other in the Hills) began circa 1980. In 1988, Baulkham Hills Council allocated the station a permanent home in the Balcombe Heights Estate and from there in December 1992, Cumberland Community Radio began transmission. Today, Alive 90.5 is one of 450 Australian community radio stations which attract five million listeners per week.

What’s it all about? Community broadcasting provides news, information, cultural content and entertainment to communities defined by geographical location or common interest. Since Australia’s first community radio station was licensed in 1972, the independent media sector has developed rapidly. Moreover, Australian Community Broadcasting is recognised internationally as a successful example of ‘media by the people, for the people’.

Like most community radio stations, Alive 90.5 is run by volunteer broadcasters and support staff. Under the guidance of Chairman Gillian Schrickker, it transmits twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The programmes include Breakfast and Drive with regular news, weather and traffic updates; Morning Magazine with news and special guests such as local politicians and personalities; plus a range of special interest segments. The station’s announcers and sponsors are as diverse as the audience they represent so whatever your taste, Alive 90.5’s blend of contemporary and presenter’s choice music, is bound to get your toes tapping.

For the past seven years, Fred Dyer has been behind the mike on Mondays from 12-2pm. Fred’s interest in radio began with his first crystal set in the 50’s and for thirty years, he owned record stores variously in North Rocks, Seven Hills and Merrylands. Fred is the luckiest of men. In retirement he continues to indulge in his life-long passions: cycling (sans lycra!), radio, and music from 1940’s – 80’s. Each week, Fred dips into his 50,000 track collection and delights his audience with gems from the past. For the chronologically blessed, bopping to songs like ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’, is pure magic! As ‘Molly’ might say,

“Do yourself a favour.
Tune in to your sound – your
Alive 90.5!—


A Noble Arborist