Putting the flower on the old guy

by Leanne P

I was living at Cooge in a two-bedroom apartment with my son Chris and a Uni student. I have no car at this point of my life. So walking was my only option to buses. This gave me the opportunity to really see the community and who does what. I was totally at peace with myself, internally happiness was quite high.

I would walk down Mount Street with the warmth of the morning shinning on me and there sitting in the sun was this old man. Dressed in a brown suit, cane and head down. And you know when you can sense someone is locked in past memory sadness. Just sitting waiting for the moment for God to say “ you have suffered enough on earth, come to heaven.”

How long do the old sit and wait I thought?
What can I do to add value to the moment I pass his life?
God said to me, pick a flower and place it on his book!

Well did worthiness kick in for me! Who am I to interfere in his life? I had about five seconds to make a decision. One, walk past and think he will be all right or two, touch the soul of someone’s heart and bring the beauty of nature to his presence’s.

I knew the source of me is love and that is what ‘love’ was asking me to do. So I picked a vibrant flower and gracefully walked towards his man, being aware that I am invading his space. Not wanting to scare him but grace him with angelic presence’s.

As I placed the flower on his book, I looked in his eyes, I could see the lost darkness rise to a radiant smile of light. I know I had touched this old man, in more ways than I will ever know. As I continued walking my internal happiness rose to bliss.

In my mind a moment of perfection was created and God smiled.

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