Winning $4M Dream

A couple from The Hills who suspected they held the $4 million winning Powerball entry purchased in Quakers Hill confirmed several days later that they were Australia’s newest multi-millionaires.

They held the only division one winning entry nationally in Powerball draw 1358, drawn 26th May. Their win is $4,662,065.18.

When an official from The Lott reached out to the duo this morning, the winning woman said: “I need to put my reading glasses on. I need to make sure this is real!” she laughed. “This is amazing. We found out the other night and we’ve had butterflies ever since!

“My husband heard someone from Quakers Hill had won Powerball. We regularly buy our tickets from Quakers Hill, so he started to think it could be us. He waited until I got home that night so we could check the ticket together. He really thought we’d won and then he convinced me of it, too!

“When we checked the ticket, we were so nervous because we were expecting the win. We couldn’t stop shaking! Once we realised it was true, it was mind-blowing! I still feel so nervous right now. It’s a weird feeling! It just doesn’t feel real. Until we see the funds in our bank account, I don’t think we’re going to believe it. This is a life-changing amount to win! We’re going to use our prize to pay our bills and help our kids. The rest we want to save for our retirement so we can enjoy ourselves and live it up a little!”

Quakers Hill News agency owner Sumit Kumar said he was glad the winning couple had discovered the exciting news. “I was thrilled when I found out we’d sold division one in Powerball!” he said. “It was such a fantastic moment for us. Everyone’s been so excited and checking their tickets, hoping they’re the winner. It’s great to know the winners have now been united with their prize.”

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1358 on Thursday 26 May 2022 were 16, 19, 21, 33, 25, 13, and 10. The all-important Powerball number was 18.


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