Pioneer Theatre

Deep in the Egyptian desert, archaeologist Cairo Jim searches for the tomb of the mysterious pharaoh Martenarten.

Helped by his trusted companions Doris the Macaw and Brenda the Wonder Camel, Cairo Jim unlocks the secrets of the past and faces off against his archnemesis Captain Neptune Bone.

Bookcase Productions is bringing Geoffrey McSkimming’s children’s book series Cairo Jim to life at the Pioneer Theatre Castle Hill.

Full of fun, mystery, poetry, puzzles and hijinks, this production will utilize both talented actors and experienced puppeteers to bring the colourful world of Cairo Jim to life. Perfect for the whole family.

Shows are December 21 from 7.30pm to 8.40pm; December 22 at 11am to 2.10pm and 3pm to 4.10pm. December 23rd 3pm to 4.10pm. Book tickets

CAST: Krystiann Dingas, Benjamin
Kuryo, Brendan Layton, Logan
McArthur, Diego AR Melo,
Shabnam Tavakol, Tim Ressos &
Emma Wright
Adapted by Emilia Stubbs
Director: Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou
Assistant Director: Steven Hopley
Stage Manager Christopher
Production Design: Emily Borghi
Technical Manager: Jack Goggin
Puppets Made by Katherine

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