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Perinatal Mental Health Week

Perinatal Mental Health Week 12-18 November 2023

Perinatal Mental Health Week 12-18 November 2023 is a week that raises awareness of perinatal mental health struggles.

The week aims to support and inform expectant and new parents who may experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.

During a time that usually brings a sense of joy, love and bonding, some parents may feel an overwhelming amount of self-doubt that can bring with it apprehension, fear and shame.

It could happen to any of us!

If you or someone you know is transitioning to parenthood and may be feeling a sense of anxiety, depression or a lack of connection, please visit for more information on perinatal mental health awareness.

Remember to always check-in with your neighbours, friends and loves ones and support them mentally, physically and emotionally, where you can.

Robyn Preston Mp

Robyn Preston MP

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