Bring a Touch of Paradise to your Home by Adding Palm Tree

Palms are perfect for adding a tropical look as well as cool shade to a garden or entertainment area. They have very lush attractive green foliage and with very little maintenance, can be a welcome addition to your garden.

It is best to sort out the aspect and position where you may be planting a palm before going to the nursery. For taller palms which can take sun and exposed positions, you could select an Alexandra or Bangalow palm. They are not only tall, but have a clean smooth trunk and a graceful appearance as well as being quick growing. It is best to plant taller palms first to create an upper canopy before under filling with smaller plants.

Another excellent specimen palm is the Majestic palm. It has a beautiful shape and is highly ornamental and self cleaning. It could be planted alone as a central feature in a garden bed or alternatively used as a container plant for a patio whilst it is young. If you require smaller palms, there are many varieties available. Plant a parlour palm in a pot indoors or use it to fill in a shaded area underneath taller palms. The parlour palm is very popular as it has attractive graceful fernlike leaves.

Another understory shade lover is the Lady palm or Rhaphis excelsa. It can grow from between one and three metres in height, is slow growing and extremely hardy even as an indoor plant. It is a multi stemmed palm and has a segmented leaf making it highly desirable. Finally, I can’t finish without mentioning the ever so popular golden cane palm. It has a clumping habit with beautiful golden stems and grows in a sunny or a partly shaded position. This versatile palm is of medium height but remains much smaller if kept in a pot.

We have a huge selection of palms to choose from at Sydney’s Plant Market so come and visit us and we will help you add a touch of paradise to your backyard today.

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