Orchids Out West Beautiful Displays

Dscn0925 Orchids Out West Beautiful DisplaysOrchids Out West comprises beautiful displays put on by the local orchid societies such as Blacktown City Orchid Society, Blue Mountains and Penrith District Orchid Society, and Hawkesbury District Orchid Society.

There are also lots of orchids for sale from vendors from around Australia.


Orchids Out West is a fair with a great selection of plants to be purchased to enhance your orchid collection, and always something new to oh and ah over. Every year the displays improve in quality and are always very colourful thanks to the wonderful collection of orchids of all generas such Dscn0934 Orchids Out West Beautiful Displaysas cattleyas, paphiopedilums and cymbidiums, just to name a few.

It is worth the drive to the beautiful Hawkesbury district and then maybe further up into the Blue Mountains. Make it a great day out and smell the flowers!

Orchids Out West

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