NSW Greens MLC -A Full Team

The Greens are running 12 Councillors, including one Mayoral candidate for the Hills Shire Council elections.

Speakers at the recent launch included David Shoebridge: NSW Greens MLC and Hornsby Greens councillor Emma Heyde.

The audience heard about a range of issues from the push to get property developers excluded from councils, to the threat of rising heat on health, to the existence of platypus in Cattai Creek North ward.

Candidates talked about their vision for net zero emissions from council buildings before 2035, increasing tree canopy to cool our suburbs, and more local amenities like libraries and pools. The Greens candidates were selected by local members from the area in contrast to the local Liberal candidates who have been pre-selected by a non-local executive panel.

The reason for the ousting of the popularly elected Liberal Mayor Byrne along with 5 out of 8 Liberal candidates has not been revealed to the public. The Greens group in the Hills has been mobilised and organised with their candidate pre-selection and a campaign launch.

The local candidates are ready to bring new leadership to Council. These candidates vow to listen to what the community wants and will be the voice for the people.

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